Digitech & Ster-kinekor bring you the latest digital Phenomenon to hit the country – 3D Cinema Advertising

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Digitech is pleased to present our latest network in partnership with Ster-kinekor, we have ten cinema screens available for advertising (four at Eastgate & six at Westgate,) in addition to foyer LED screen networks. Cinema is a ‘destination viewing’ environment where cinema-goers have high anticipation and abide by a social etiquette.

Cinema is a multi-sensory experience which triggers both an emotional and physical response.It has been proven that memories associated with high levels of arousal are more easily recalled and recalled in higher detail. When attention jumps from one thing to another, it is harder to recall information because memory is poorer.

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Cinema advertising is a very effective way of broadcasting your message to a large audience. Through the use of sound, vision and motion you can effectively deliver a message to a target audience, who would be watching a certain film, therefore you know the people you are broadcasting to.


The advert will gain 100% of the viewers attention, as this is the only form of motion in this environment. Target audience can be decided, which leads to broadcasting to the right people.

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